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Established in 1976, initially an entrepreneur in acrylic manufacturing, our company soon approached the market in multiple facets. Through our diversified experience and expertise, in the 1980s we obtained a partnership with Mitsubishi Group where we acquired a manifold of technology transfer opportunities. Through this, we officially produced our first generation of display light boxes (T5.T8). Later in the 1990s, we developed a new form of ultra-thin light boxes adopting CCFL as our illumination core.

The display light boxes and its associated products were distributed globally, our products can be found in airports, bus stops, hospitals, shopping centers and other common areas across the world. Medical operation beauty lamps were also successfully endorsed internationally, which endeavored its success through multiple online trading platforms. Utility add-on products associated to display light boxes were developed and customized for international light box companies and factories.

In 2005, we patented the development of LED-oriented display light boxes and immediately became a trusted partner of the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation. Throughout the high speed rail development, all LED associated hardware inclusive and not limited to displays and lightings were designed, developed and implemented by our company.

In 2008, the Taipei Rapid Transit System commonly known as Taipei Metro officially executed their implementation of LED display boxes and related hardware. We successfully obtained multiple tenders through our leading expertise in the industry, till this day, we are still Taipei Metro’s leading LED-oriented product supplier. In terms of product pricing and quality, no single company can match us.

We apply ourselves to development and provide a.wide selection Of products.such as Inspection LED Lightbox.LED Light Therapy boxAnd LED Bignboard.