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Picture of Led Light Therapy

(For Studio & Entertainment)

Sunshine Box: to reduce seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Infrared Box: to condition and rejuvenate your skin
UV Box: to combat SAD and enjoy better sleep waking up with more energy

Product Features

Wavelength: sunshine/6000k, infrared/660nm, ultra violet/415nm
Viewing Area: 5" x 7"
Led Back Lighting With 108 Leds light
Luminous Intensity: 3500 cd/m² up (10000Lux)
Power Consumption: 9W
Switching Power Supply: 25W
Input: AC10-240V/50 ~ 60 Hz
Super long life span ( > 50000 hrs)


CSB-MINI 4" x 5.9" Light Box

- Body size: 4" x 5.9" x 2.4", view size: 4" x 5.9"
- 6000K Color Temperature
- Frame: SECC with white plain painting
- Use two prong plug with SPT2 cord, power supply AC 110V~220V
- LED white 28 pcs.
Front panel with slightly frosted