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Data Light RL series is available in two different light colors such as white and warm white. Data Light RL series is perfect for down lighting in hotels, shopping malls, retails, hospitals, residential areas and more. It can highlight important task areas and provides innovative and energy-efficient solutions for the designers and end users as well.


  • Applications: Suitable for offices, hotels, reception areas, shopping malls, retails, hospitals and show room, etc.
  • Plug-and-Play for easy installation
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Ultra-High-Power LED with safe junction temperatures
  • Constant current driver mode for steady power supply
  • Energy saving, more efficient than Incandescent and Halogen lamps
  • Wattages: 15W, 30W, 45W
  • Lumen Maintenance (without secondary optics):
  • 15W: 1,070 lm
  • 30W: 2,140 lm
  • 45W: 3,210 lm
  • High performance optical system
  • Beam Spread: narrow (26°)
  • Light Color: warm white
  • Long useful life: (L70 > 40,000 Hours)


Pro kitchen Showroom, Taipei
Triad series provides as beautiful lighting effect as traditional AR halogen lamps with lower power consumption and much longer useful life. More importantly, without harm to human bodies and furnitures caused by UV and heat