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Data Light SL-34W offers ultra high brightness in narrow, wide & asymmetric beam patterns for area lighting application. It is available in two different colors such as white & warm white. Available in different wattage, it is perfect for parking lots, public areas and minor roads. It could save substantial energy and reduce CO2 emission as compared to conventional Mercury or High pressure sodium street lanterns.

  • Applications: Minor roads, public areas, parking lots
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Ultra-High-Power LEDs with safe junction temperatures
  • Wattages: 34W, 40W
  • Lumen Maintenance (without secondary optics):
  • SL-40W: 2,855lm
  • SL-34W: 1,840lm
  • High performance optical system
  • Beam Spread: asymmetric (135°)
  • Light Color: white, mixed warm white
  • Long Useful Life: (L70 > 50,000 Hours)
  • Luminaire efficiency > 75%