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Picture of Led IR-Remote Control


  • Support IR-remote controinterface
  • R, G, B brightness can be adjusted individually, and auto-save the setting
  • Built-in six LED dynamic programs; dynamic mode can be set Fade/Jump and changed the dynamic speed
  • ReaAudio Synchronized color LED ControAutomatically contromode switched between Audio Synchronized modes with Silent color fade mode
  • Adjustable Sensitivity for audio synchronized mode (including Microphone and Line-in sources)
  • Audio source option for Line-in or Microphone
  • Built-in high power switch driver, the LED driver capability: 150W/12V or 300W/24V
  • Supported DMX512-A Console controinterface, including 17 data slots of DMX-512A
  • The Data slot of DMX512-A may include the data string of audio synchronized mode, can be used as a 16 steps